Scott Davis PerformingYour talk yesterday was excellent. You had the audience in the palm of your hand, hanging on every word. They loved the content and the dramatic delivery. You may not believe this, but the JCC audience is a tough one, but they got all sweet and syrupy when they told me how much they enjoyed your talk. —Maxine Carr, JCC Program Coordinator

Scott Davis renews our connection to the tone, the texture, and the spirit of Eastern European shtetl life, engaging our minds, stirring our emotions, and renewing our faith. —Rabbi Raachel Jurovics

Scott presented a wonderful rendition of “If Not Still Higher” during Friday Night services. The congregation was delighted by the tale and grateful to have such a talented writer and performer in their midst. Scott was a pleasure to work with. —Cantor Mimi Haselkorn

Scott’s presentation at Temple of Israel won raves from young and old—a delightful and entertaining program that also provided a basis for lively discussion of issues as important to Jews today as they were to the residents of the shtetls a hundred years ago. —Ellyn Bache

You have no idea how much pleasure you give with your presentations. You transmit so much of the joy, love, and reverence you have for the characters in the Jewish stories you dramatize. I also derived special pleasure in seeing my family respond to your performance. —Sylvia Holtzman